Quantitative Evaluation

We design data collection tools and analyze the data to best capture and understand the impact of your programs. Relying on our years of experience with statistical analyses we may use simple analytical methods such as t-tests and chi-squares or more complicated methods such as latent class analysis and multilevel modeling. By quantifying your work into easy to understand reports and/or presentations, you will have tangible results to use to improve your programs and attract outside funding.

Qualitative Evaluation

Some evaluations need to capture the complexity and context of the individual. Qualitative evaluations, through interviews, focus groups or direct observation, provide rich data to understand how and why your program is working or could be improved. We will work with you to design interview/focus group guides that get to the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. The findings from this work can be summarized in ways that humanize the impact of your work.

Formative Research

Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods we work with our clients to design the research that will inform the development of novel programs and projects. This research may include literature reviews, conceptual mapping, surveys, interviews, focus groups and pilot projects. The aim of formative work is to develop a program that fits the needs of your target population and have a thorough understanding of how your program could have its desired impact. Formative research findings may take a variety of shapes and forms, but they are results with a pragmatic focus on developing programs.

Grant Writing

With years of experience getting successfully funded by both public and private funding agencies, we will help you identify potential funders, conduct background research, and prepare or review grant proposals.

Health Impact Assessments

We use the HIA process to evaluate the potential health effects of a plan, project or policy before it is built or implemented. HIAs are an excellent way to get health on the radar of policy and decision makers. We would love to help you organize, research, and generate an HIA that would help your community make an informed decision.


Maps can be a powerful image to help us better understand the connection between health and place. We generate maps using GIS that will can help you understand what different communities have access to or what the general demographics are of the areas that you serve.

Programmatic Training/Consulting

We have led programs, have trained others to lead programs, and have revised and improved programs. Our expertise in program development and implementation makes us ideal for serving as an external team to facilitate trainings or offer feedback to your programmatic team.